Original Miniature: Autumn in the Wind

30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day 5 – Autumn in the Wind

Day 5, today’s miniature painting is the last of Tuesday’s sketches – the little Autumn fox.

I finished it last night but when I began today’s sketch which is a slightly larger (5″x7″) and therefore a more involved piece of the Alice in Wonderland character; Mock Turtle, I realized I wouldn’t be able to finish it for 3pm today.

Therefore the Autumn Fox will take it’s stead. The fox has a slight gilding on some of the autumn leaves.

Hopefully tomorrow Mock-turtle will be ready! Until then, enjoy your weekend!

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge
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Some ideas for today’s daily painting. Which do you think I should paint? #sketching #sketches #30in30artchallenge #drawing

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Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Kiri Østergaard Leonard is an award winning illustrator and artist from Denmark, currently living in Austin, Texas. She enjoys working on projects within the fantasy and children's illustration genre.

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