Paper Dolls: Vikings of Legend and Lore

Cover design by Jeff A. Menges

Cover design by Jeff A. Menges

I’m very pleased to share with you that my very first book: Vikings of Legend and Lore is coming out the 20th of November, published by Dover Publications.

The book has been a great project to work on, I learned a lot from it and it really had me consider which themes I enjoy the most artistically: Vikings of course being on the top of that list.

The Lindwyrm is looking a little groggy!

The Lindwyrm is looking a little groggy!

I spent the first half of 2013 working on this project. The book features six viking characters from history and legend: Thyra Danebod, Gorm the Sleepy, Harald Bluetooth, Tove of Venden, Ragnar Lothbrok and Kraka, also known as Aslaug.

Each of the dolls come with a bit of story about them, who they were and how they made their mark on history or legend. Along with the six dolls there is also a Lindwyrm! It is a type of dragon being from Nordic folklore, that is very fond of hording gold.

When illustrating paper dolls you first of all have to make memorable characters that are fun and engaging. I really wanted to avoid repeating the same poses and tried to play around with the body language of the characters. Here are some samples:

I also knew I wanted the clothes to be more interesting than “just” clothes. When I was a child I loved the paper dolls that had little pets, flowers or other items along. Being vikings these have a selection of weaponry but I also added staffs, a kitty, flower baskets and more.

Of course it’s important to make sure the clothes and items will fit the characters perfectly. Photoshop makes this fairly easy to check, however just to be sure I still made print copies and cut out, to see if it all worked together as intended.

Currently the book is available for pre-order on Amazon here: Vikings of Legend and Lore Paper Dolls and also at Barnes and Noble.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview into my book creation process and if you know any little vikings, this is a perfect Christmas present for them!

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