IlluxCon Scholarship Auction

Painting patch for the annual Illuxcon Quilt

Earlier this year I blogged about painting a patch for the IlluxCon Scholarship quilt. The quilt has now been finished and the annual IlluxCon scholarship auction has opened up today on eBay. Among the many pieces of art for sale are the IlluxCon Quilt; a quilt made with patches of original art by a selection of IlluxCon artists, handpicked every year by LizAnn, who is also the creator of the quilt.

The contributing artists for this year’s quilt are: Armand Cabrera, Matthew Stewart, Marc Fishman, Leo Gonzales, Megan Evans, John Harris, Alan Douglas, Ian Miller, Ingrid Kallick, Larry Schwinger, Kelly Potts Martinez, Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Iris Compiet, Rich Klink, Thomas Kuebler, Lars Grant-West, Don Maitz, Justin Gerard, Marc Potts, Vince Natale, Petar Meseldzija, Omar Rayyan, Sheila Rayyan, Raoul Vitale, Santino Vitale, and Eric Velhagen.

I’m very honoured to be among the artists who were selected to paint this year’s quilt patches. All proceeds from these auctions go towards funding scholarships for the 2015 IlluxCon show in October.

IlluxCon Scholarship Quilt Auction
Full Scholarship Auction

Scholarship Quilt
Scholarship Quilt

by LizAnn Lizotte, 2015

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Kiri Østergaard Leonard is an award winning illustrator and artist from Denmark, currently living in Austin, Texas. She enjoys working on projects within the fantasy and children's illustration genre.

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