Inspiring Artists: Cynthia Sheppard

Oil Painting of Tarzan by Cynthia Sheppard

I am a big fan of the artwork of fantasy illustrator Cynthia Sheppard. Her illustrations are colorful with interesting compositions that always convey a strong sense of emotions, that leaves you curious about the story of the image.

Magic the Gathering: Rush of Blood by Cynthia Sheppard

She recently released a video on YouTube, where she takes us through her painting process on her most recent painting titled Omens.

The video is 10 min long and definitely worth a watch. It gives an excellent glimpse into the amount of work that is needed to create one of Cynthia’s stunning paintings. Though it is short and to the point, young artists can definitely pick up a few lessons from it.

Cynthia Sheppard lives in the suburbs of Washington, DC with her husband. She specializes in figurative art for books and games, often with dark undertones. She is also one of the four members of Awesome Horse Studios; a weekly livestream group that helps younger artists improve. She has worked for clients such as Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Magazine, ImagineFX, Zynga and Fantasy Flight Games. You can find her impressive portfolio on her website here:

Escapism by Cynthia Sheppard

Official website of Cynthia Sheppard
Awesome Horse Studios
Cynthia Sheppard on Facebook

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