Nov. 1st – Self-Portrait Day

Self Portrait by Danish artist and Illustrator Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016. See more at

November 1st is international self-portrait day for Artists, here is my contribution!

This event has been a tradition for 10 years now, it began on and has since spread across the internet and globe. It is a really fun event and a great annual check-up for artists and illustrators alike. If you find yourself in said crowd I encourage you to participate. I really enjoy seeing the skill progression every year.

Here is the official event description from the organizers at ConceptArt:
“For 10 years now, artists form all over the planet take time to do a self portrait on Nov 1st and to post it online in an event of strange beauty and amazing impact.

The self exploration is linked with a connectivity among artists from all over the world.
As our planet makes the swing of Nov 1st and the day starts in Australia and ends in Honolulu and we get to experience hundreds of artistic snapshots, honest exposures of the artists that decide to join this event.”

International Self Portrait Day at ConceptArt
International Self Portrait Day on Facebook
Facebook Album of Self Portraits

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Kiri Østergaard Leonard is an award winning illustrator and artist from Denmark, currently living in Austin, Texas. She enjoys working on projects within the fantasy and children's illustration genre.

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