Expectations of a Unicorn by Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016

Postponed: Year of the Unicorn

You know those times where you really need to take a step back and do a reality check, instead of trying to handle more than you can manage? I am in that situation.

Here’s the reason; my little family is in the process of purchasing our very first house and if all goes will we will be moving into it in about a week. The sudden house purchase was unexpected but the perfect house came along so we had to move on it. I am extremely excited to be able to set up my own studio again. We have been staying with our in-laws for almost a year, so it will be wonderful to have our own space again.

Now if you have been following my Instagram and Facebook page, you know I have been working on a 2017 Calendar Project called Year of the Unicorn that I was really hoping to run a Kickstarter for this October. I hate-hate-hate to go back on something I have announced, but with the coming move I have to adjust my schedule accordingly.

Instead of creating a rushed product, I find the best option is postpone the calendar to 2018. I apologies to those of you who were looking forward to it for 2017 and I hope you understand, I also promise that with the extra time that the calendar is going to be even better when it is ready to be released!

Much love,

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Award winning Illustrator, Artist and Creator Kiri Østergaard Leonard happily shares her experiences making a living as an artist and pursuing a creative life. She grew up in a tiny village in Denmark, left her country behind to pursue art in the bustle of New York City and now resides in the delightful weirdness of Austin, Texas surrounded by sunshine and felines.


  • Alexandra Rena

    23.09.2016 at 01:13 Reply

    Don’t feel rushed! It is important that you take your time. Now you will have more time to market the product and build your audience. Also, a common rumor among artists and artisans is that sales tend to be low during an election year. 😉

  • ingejensen5Inge Greis

    23.09.2016 at 00:06 Reply

    Work from you is always worth the wait!!! ?

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