Self portrait painted by Danish artist Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Personal Work: Self Portrait

I initially begun this painting in Painter 11 to try to teach myself to use the program. I love their brush selection, however having not used the program extensively for many years I quickly grew frustrated with not being able to replicate the same level of details as I can in Photoshop, so I ended up finishing up this piece in Photoshop.

I like the result of combining the two though, and I definitely want to try out more work in Painter.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Award winning Illustrator, Artist and Creator Kiri Østergaard Leonard happily shares her experiences making a living as an artist and pursuing a creative life. She grew up in a tiny village in Denmark, left her country behind to pursue art in the bustle of New York City and now resides in the delightful weirdness of Austin, Texas surrounded by sunshine and felines.

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