Betsy Peterschmidt and Kiri Østergaard Leonard at NYCC, 2013

Upcoming Appearance: New York Comic Con (Oct. 9 – 12)

The rejection

On a warm summer day, in fact the day before New York’s new Special Edition Comic Con opened its doors, Betsy Peterschmidt and I both received an email from the Organizer of New York Comic Con’s artist alley, saying we did not get into the Artist’s Alley this year. We were saddened by the news but hoped a table might open up when they did the 2nd check through on July 9th, July 9th rolled around and still nothing!


The turn-around

BUT – last week the stars finally aligned and there it was in Betsy’s inbox; an invitation to a table in the Artist’s Alley! We could hardly believe it.

In other words Betsy Peterschmidt and I will be sharing a table in the Artist’s Alley of New York Comic Con again this year. This will be our 3rd year in a row attending NYCC as Exhibitors.

We cannot wait to see you wonderful Con Attendees there, so if you are going do let us know in the comments!

WAT?! No NYCC Artist's Alley Table!

WAT?! No NYCC Artist's Alley Table!

Betsy and her boyfriend Kevin

When: Oct. 9th – 12th

Where: Javits Center, Manhattan, New York City

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Kiri Østergaard Leonard is an award winning illustrator and artist from Denmark, currently living in Austin, Texas. She enjoys working on projects within the fantasy and children's illustration genre.

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