The Studio of Kiri Leonard is on maternity leave.

We will return in the late spring/summer of 2022.

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Montague Mouse

In a final effort to save the dying Moorwood from the toads’ insidious bog rot, the Parliament of animal elders elect incredible Marten, the bravest and quickest of all the animals, to escape their woodland home, on a mission to plant Moorwood’s last three surviving acorns – but what happens when the hero fails?

After a long winter, a very little and very hungry mouse named Montague comes upon the abandoned acorns in the dead woodland.

Montague Mouse is an emotional, magical story of dark corners, friendships, perseverance, self-doubt and above all hope.

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Locke the Legend is a story set in a gritty, dark fantasy setting where dragons are real, and magic is something to be feared.

In the fighting pits of the city of Agos, the boisterous reigning champion – a woman by the name of Locke Galston who fights only with her fists, is offered a hefty sum to throw the fight.

In the crowd, a dwarven bard named Flint Runaheim carefully observes, while a dangerous-looking mercenary places an unreasonably high bet on Locke. She has never once thrown a fight. But, as it stands – she is in grave debt.

Locke the Legend
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