10 Art Sites to Consider

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10 Art Sites to Consider

ImagineFX Magazine

ImagineFX Magazine

To make a living as an artist it’s important to promote your own work, social media and online art communities are a great way to do this without adding up too much of an expense on your own account, other than time at least. It’s no secret that maintaining an active presence on various websites can easily turn into a time sink.

A tip to avoid this time sink is to schedule the time you spend on online self promotion; for instance every day from 5.30 pm to 6:00 pm could be assigned to updating your various websites.

Some websites are naturally a lot more beneficial than others and often times it will also depend on what type of work you do, so I’ll leave it up to yourself to decide but here is a list of 10 art specific sites that I find worth the consideration if you’re a working artist:

Genre: Fantasy and Sci-fi Digital Art

Genre: Concept art, digital art, art community

Genre: Art sale, illustration

Genre: Hi-end digital art

Genre: Any visual medium, also tied to an art magazine

Genre: Any type of art, mixed levels of quality, art community

Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy art, also tied to an artbook annual

    • CGHub (CGHub has shut down)

Genre: Digital art, art community

Genre: Illustration, Portfolio, Art Community

Genre: Mainly Sci-fi and fantasy but is open to all, Art Community

Thank you for reading. If you are familiar with art sites not mentioned here, that you feel other artists could benefit from using, please feel free to drop a comment, also if you found this post helpful please share it with your friends.

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