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Hi, I’m Kiri Leonard. A fantasy artist, illustrator, and storyteller based in Austin, TX.

It’s a pleasure to meet you,

I’m Kiri Leonard, a fantasy artist, storyteller, and creator from Denmark, the oldest Kingdom in Europe.

I find inspiration in folklore, history, philosophy, nature, and life around us which I concoct into vivid imagery. I studied art at Pratt Institute in New York City.

I am particularly passionate about illustrating and writing my own two flagship stories Montague Mouse and Locke the Legend.

I draw and paint because art is my mother tongue, and my roots all at once. It is my calling and my purpose. I am here to share these stories in imagery and words, and I hope they will bring you joy.

Photo of artist Kiri Leonard drawing on her Wacom Cintiq tablet
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Kiri Leonard working on her Cintiq tablet
My Story

An adventure from a tiny village in Denmark to the bustle of New York City in the US

I was born and raised in the oldest Kingdom in Europe: Denmark, home of the Vikings and H. C. Andersen. It’s a small country spread over 400+ islands in the north.

I am descended from old-world farmers, who worked their fields with hands and horses. I grew up in a village of just 180 people, surrounded by beautiful nature and animals.

While still living in Denmark I attended The Academy of Fine Arts in Århus. Later on I continued my studies in art at Pratt Institute in New York City, USA.

I was only able to afford one year at Pratt Institute, but it was one of the best years of my life. After that, I was faced with the choice of returning home to Denmark or taking the leap into a career as an artist. I knew what I wanted – to be an artist, so I took the leap began my career as a freelance illustrator.

It has not always been an easy path, but it has always been the right path. Every day I wake up, I am so thankful I get to do this for a living.

I’m passionate about folklore, mythology, and its impact on the human experience. I’m also enamored with imagination, nature, animals, whimsical worlds, fantasy art, and the psychology behind, which are topics I frequently explore in my work.

“Myths are the roots of our souls.”

I’m a storyteller at heart and am currently working on two book projects of my own making: Montague Mouse and Locke the Legend.

In my work, I combine deeper themes of life with adventurous, whimsical, wondrous visuals, and sometimes with a touch of darkness and mystery.

Beyond art and writing, I am passionate about animals, philosophy, art history, cooking, gaming, and Dungeons & Dragons.

I currently have the pleasure of sharing my quarters with four cats Little Kitty, Flint, Minion & Moxxi, and two guinea pigs named Guineavere & Popchop.

I am represented by Elizabeth Bewley of Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.

Artist Kiri Leonard as a child

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The studio is where the magic happens. This is my sacred space where I can fully let my creativity come to life.

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