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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of artist Kiri Leonard drawing on her Wacom Cintiq tablet

These are some of the questions I am most often asked.

If your question hasn’t please answered here, please feel free to email me at: hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com

I will reply when my schedule permits.

If you haven’t heard back within two weeks, please feel free to email me again.

I receive a large number of emails, and therefore cannot always keep up with them all.

Important Info for all EU customers2021-07-02T10:40:19-05:00

As of July 1, 2021, the EU has put a new VAT tax ruling into effect. Please be aware that all EU customers are responsible for paying any import VAT, taxes, and fees associated with your order. Import VAT is charged by your country on orders and must be paid to your local postal service in order to receive your package.

The cost of shipping through my shop does not include VAT. VAT is a separate payment you will need to pay to your delivery service. Orders cannot be refunded if you fail to pay your import fees, which allow your package to arrive to you safely.

Read more about this new EU ruling here.

Who are your artistic influences?2020-04-17T13:48:17-05:00

My early artistic influences were from children’s books my mother gave me as a child, unfortunately I do not know the names of those artists. The first book I remember the artist name of was John Bauer, soon after it became Brian Froud, and then Tony DiTerlizzi.

Later on, I fell in love with the art of Norman Rockwell, Jill Barklem, Fritz Baumgarten. My recent artistic heroes, from the realm of digital art, are Vance Kovacs, Craig Elliott, Justin Gerard, and Matt Rhodes.

Where do you find your inspiration?2019-11-04T16:31:01-06:00

I find inspiration everywhere around me, most often in nature, particularly in trees, in books, in philosophy, in art history, in childhood memories, in computer games, in fairy tales and folklore and in movies. I find that near anything can light that spark of inspiration, but I am susceptible to anything in the realm of fantasy and the whimsical.

Can I use your RPG art for my D&D game?2021-01-03T20:24:03-06:00

You may use my RPG art for your personal, non-commercial, tabletop D&D games.

Please do not use it for online games where portraits are uploaded into the game, into packs, on forums, or where the art is on a live stream.

Do you have to go to Art School to become an illustrator?2019-10-04T10:45:50-05:00

No, I do not believe so. Art School isn’t a one size fits all, it’s not right for everyone. You will have to judge yourself if it’s the right thing for you and if it’s worth the often steep cost.

I think it’s worth remembering that the internet is ripe with so many wonderful resources for learning art and illustration now, that are far less costly than college is. First, website likes Gumroad and YouTube are packed with art tutorials, and if you’re looking for more structured education, here are some options to get you started:

Did you go to Art School?2019-10-04T10:40:29-05:00

I did, I first attended the School of Art & Design in Aarhus, Denmark for a year. This school is the equivalent of a pre-college/high school class. After that, I went on to study at the Fine Art Academy in Aarhus, Denmark,  for a year. This year is the equivalent of the foundation year at college.

After that year, I applied to Pratt Institute in New York City, USA and was fortunate to be accepted. I attended Pratt Institute for the foundation year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to continue, so I set out to work as a freelance artist and have been doing that ever since. I do not hold any degrees in art or otherwise.

How long does it take you to make an illustration?2020-04-17T13:52:17-05:00

It depends on the artwork. Portraits, for instance, take less time than a complex composition with a crowd of characters. Simpler pieces may take me around 4 hours, more complex illustrations can take up to 25 hours or more. You can find examples of my painting process on my YouTube channel.

Can I license one of your illustrations for my project?2019-10-04T10:31:08-05:00

Please email me at hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com with details about your project, budget and which illustration you are interested in licensing. Some of my artwork is available for license, whereas other pieces are part of already copyrighted projects and therefore cannot be licensed.

Can I feature your artwork on my blog?2019-10-04T11:19:24-05:00

Please email me at hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com with details about the feature, what the blog is about and what it is for, and let’s talk about it!

Will you do artwork for free?2019-10-04T10:58:40-05:00

On occasion, I receive requests for free artwork because of budget restraints for projects such as picture books, book covers, games or kickstarters. At this point in my career, I do not to any artwork for free.

What tools do you use to paint?2019-10-04T10:24:12-05:00

I work on a Wacom Cintiq 27 HD Touch in Adobe Photoshop CC. I have used to work on a Wacom Intous, which I loved until I had saved up enough to upgrade to a Cintiq. I have always been a Photoshop user though I also enjoy Corel Painter, I’m just not as practiced with the program.

Which Photoshop Brushes do you use?2019-10-04T15:58:11-05:00

I am a big fan of textured brushes, therefore I mainly use Greg Rutkowski’s Brushes which you can get here.

Can I interview you?2019-10-04T11:04:56-05:00

I love doing interviews! However, it is dependent on my schedule at the time of inquiry.

Please email me at hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com with information on what your interview is for, how long the interview will run, topic of conversation and any other pertinent information. Don’t forget to title your email Interview Inquiry, thank you!

Can you look at my portfolio?2019-10-04T10:17:14-05:00

Because of a full schedule it is not something I can offer to do, instead, I recommend reaching out to art directors on Social Media or at conventions for reviews.

Can you teach me to draw?2019-10-04T10:34:26-05:00

I do not currently offer mentorships or teaching. I recommend looking into online schools such as Schoolism and New Master’s Academy.

How did you learn to draw?2019-11-04T16:39:51-06:00

As most children, I started drawing from a very young age but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s, that I realized I wanted to pursue illustration as a career. I made a video on YouTube about how I became an illustrator.

Do you take commissions?2019-10-04T15:42:20-05:00

Yes! Please email me at hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com with details about your project, the more details you can offer the better. I need to know the number of illustrations, what they are for, the level of complexity, deadline, and which rights you need.

My schedule is currently booked three months in advance or more, so please take that into account when planning your project deadline.

My question isn’t answered here2019-10-04T11:08:01-05:00

If your question hasn’t please answered here, please feel free to email me at hello(at)kirileonard(dot)com, I will reply when my schedule permits, if you haven’t heard back within two weeks, please feel free to email me again. I receive a large number of emails, and sometimes I just cannot keep up with it all.

I do ask that you read the FAQ thoroughly before emailing, as I will not reply to questions already answered.


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