Welcome to my Studio Space

This is my sacred space where I can fully let my creativity come to life.

Danish Hygge in the heart of Texas. Hygge (pronounced hue-gé) is a Danish expression that describes a feeling of charm, coziness, quiet and calm. It can also describe having a good time with friends, slow living, being attentive to the moment, a feeling of warmth and welcome in a home or space.

It’s an essential part of Danish culture. Hygge played a large part in my upbringing. My mother always made our house ‘hyggelig’ and I carried that with me as I grew up and set out on my own.

I love nesting and decorating my space. Every nook and corner of my art studio has knick-knacks, books, figurines, candles and memorabilia that inspire me and bring me great joy.

Hygge: A feeling of coziness and warmth, that creates contentment.
Moxxi the Cat in Kiri Leonard's Art Studio

My studio is located in Austin, TX, among gorgeous wildlife, sunshine, and felines.

Within these four walls, I spend most of my time. This is my realm of creation where I can let my ideas run free. It is both my playground and my temple.

The most prominent part of my studio is the large west facing window. It’s such a blessing to have plenty of light in a space where I spend so much time. Beneath the window is my drafting table.

It’s a vintage-inspired piece that I picked up from Amazon many years ago.

During the day I share my studio space with my three cats Minion, Moxxi and Little Kitty, and my two guinea pigs Guineavere and Popchop.

Having pets around during the day helps to keep me sane. It can get very lonely when you do not have co-workers to talk to during the day, so having pets definitely helps.

This is my realm of creation where I can let my ideas run free. It is both my playground and my temple.

Next to the window is my work station. I selected this spot in the room because it gets the least glare monitors. I work on a PC, and use a Wacom 27 HD Touch for the majority of my artwork.

Next to my computer (pictured above) is a half-wall pin board. Unfortunately I can’t use it as much as I like, because one of my cats, Moxxi, pulls stuff off the pin board and runs off with the pins.

To protect her from accidents, I’ve had to limit what I hang on the wall.

Danish artist Kiri Leonard in her art studio


Pictured Above: I keep my collection reference figures next to my Cintiq. Anatomical figures are from 3DTotal. They are extremely helpful when painting characters! The smaller body-kun figures are available on Amazon.


Pictured Above: The wall behind my workstation is decorated with two wall-cubbies that I’ve filled with various knick-knacks that inspire me. I also keep a mixture of artwork I like and framed quotes on the wall to keep me on course.

The Art Book Library

One wall has a massive IKEA IVAR-system bookshelf where I keep my vast collection of art books, children’s books, and vintage victorian books; my treasures from the 1800.

Photo of my guinea pig Guineavere

I use a Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer for my studio prints.

I’ve been extremely pleased with this printer. It’s able to print up to 13″ x 19″ and Canon has a great offering of quality printing papers to chose between.


I keep this postcard from one of my my artist heroes, Tony Diterlizzi, near my desk for motivation.

Thank you for joining me in my studio, I hope you enjoyed this little look into my creative space.

How is it made?

With a pinch of joy, a dash of wonder and a barrel of patience!

I work on a Wacom Cintiq 27″ HD Touch in Adobe Photoshop. The creation process is my favorite part of being an artist, and I’d love to take you deeper into my process.

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