Photo of Kiri Leonard drawing a mouse knight on an XP Pen digital tablet

When are you too old to learn how to make art?


“Am I too old to learn art?!” ⁠⁠


“Should I even bother?” ⁠


“Can I make it as an artist?” ⁠

These are some of the questions I am most frequently asked. I understand the worry and the concern, I’ve asked these questions too when I started on my journey as an artist. What I have learned is you have to answer these are questions for yourself. ⁠It is a decision only you can make, but that’s just not helpful. So here’s my take on it:

Age doesn’t matter. If art is something you really want. If art brings you joy, you must go for it. Go for it right now, do it today, instead of waiting for permission. ⁠

No one can know if you will succeed, but if you never try you have already failed.

Other people cannot and will not know if you can make it until you try. And, when you fail (yes, you’re going to have some failures) keep trying – because that’s what those who make it do. They keep going, they keep learning, they practice, they get better, and they try again. ⁠

You’re going to be a day older tomorrow, so why not start right now? Or you can keep wondering, and regret that you never gave it a shot. But where’s the fun in that?⁠

Yes, you are allowed.

These questions go even deeper though because there’s a hint of insecurity to them. Perhaps what you’re really asking is:⁠ “Am I allowed to chase my dream of becoming an artist?”

YES! You are allowed! ⁠(It’s your decision, no one else’s). Understand, only -you- can make it happen. Someone else can’t make you an artist. Someone else can’t build a career for you. ⁠Only -you- know your drive, your schedule, your passions, your responsibilities, your time available to pursue what’s most important to you, and therefore only you can answer these questions, and you have to give yourself permission, and when you’ve done that. YOU have to take action. ⁠

And if art isn’t for you, THAT IS OKAY! ⁠

It’s OKAY just to enjoy it as a hobby. ⁠
It’s OKAY just to do it for fun.⁠
It’s OKAY not to do it at all. ⁠

Art is a language to express yourself, do it in whichever way makes you the happiest, and then disregard what everyone else thinks. ⁠

Art is for you. ⁠

Give yourself permission. ⁠

Go make some art!

Artist Kiri Leonard drawing on her XP-Pen tablet

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