//Art Students’ Studios and Workspaces

Art Students’ Studios and Workspaces

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A few weeks back I did a post on the studio space and work spaces of professional illustrators which sparked a lot of interest. It had me thinking why not take a look at where it begins to, so here is a collection of photos submitted by art students.

Aarati Akkapeddi:

Introduction: Aarati Akkapeddi is a very talented, young art student from Pratt Institute in New York City. She says about her space: “As an Industriel Design student you have to do a little bit of everything”
Website: http://www.aarati.tumblr.com/

Anna Walant:

Introduction: Anna Walant is also an Industrial Design student, with a good eye for drawing, from Pratt Institute. Her photo is taken of the workshop she interned in during this summer.
Website: http://cargocollective.com/walnutttt

Jay Longfellow:

Introduction: Jay Longfellow is another art student who is also a member of Awesome Horse Studio’s facebook study group: Team Awesome. Jay says about his photo: “My cat is the real artist of the house.”
Website: eygji.blogspot.com

Garret AJ

Introduction: I’m Garret AJ, 27 years old. I spent most my working life in the fine dining culinary industry, but I left that arduous career to become an artist in the gaming industry. Right now I do illustrations and 2d asset work for casual games. But in my spare time I’ve been busting my ass to get better and eventually roll with the big dogs.
Website: http://garretaj.blogspot.com/


Jacob Anderson

Introduction: Jacob is a graphic designer by day, illustrator by night. His favorite current artists include Dan Dos Santos, Donato Giancola, Noah Bradley, to name a few. To help spur his motivation, he stares at their work in his “art corner”.
Website: jacobandersonart.com

Johan Holm

Introduction: I’m a 17 years old hobby artist from Norway, starting 2nd year at Media & Communication school in two weeks. Other than drawing I like parkour, tennis, swordplay and being with friends, and I love animals.

Ian Jun Wei Chiew

Introduction: Ian Jun Wei Chiew is a highly motivated Malaysian artist currently working on his BFA degree at the Academy of Art University. His current goal is to take advantage of being in art school, to learn and grow as an artist. With an interest in the Science-Fiction and Fantasy genre, his future goal is to work as a concept artist and an illustrator to bring in new ideas that has never been seen before in the film and gaming industry.
Website: http://ianchiew.carbonmade.com/

Brian Choi

Introduction: 6th person in a 4-peson apartment, in-between leases coming into Junior Year at USC. I am working with a rig that’s a bit stripped down (no sound system, extra screen, etc) and no tablet since I got robbed in West LA recently. Atm, at my internship, doing like some inking and basic clean-up, art-prepping for the game engine we’re working in, some concept art work for a secret thing, and did some 3D for something else. It’s been weird.
Long term goals: (game industry) concept art ninja with 3D proficiency

Logan Pearsall

Introduction: I wish I could post my photo from about a year ago, before I moved to San Francisco to go to school because I had a cool studio. My walls were plastered (no white space) with movie posters, artwork, framed prints, a giant monitor, animation toys, knick-knacks…. in retrospective, it was probably a bit excessive… but oh the inspriation that flowed. I was surrounded by art! Now I have a my monitor, and a view looking into a brick building. Not as inspirational. That’s why now…. my studio is wherever my sketchbook is.
Website: http://loganpearsall.blogspot.com/

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of studios and workspaces! I would love to see your studio too, so feel free to link to your own in the comments, please!

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