//Client Work: 78 Tarot Carnival, Page of Swords

Client Work: 78 Tarot Carnival, Page of Swords

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I have finished the Page of Swords illustration for the 78 Carnival Project, that I spoke of earlier this month. The deadline for the project is coming up February 15th, it has been really fun seeing all the different artwork by the 78 involves artists. It’s going to be a great deck!

Along with the art we were also asked to create an artist’s interpretation of our cards, so here is mine. I have to admit just doing this card has rekindled my interest in doing my own tarot deck at some point.

Artist’s Interpretation: The Page of Swords is a messenger of turbulent energy, passion and enthusiasm. She is ready to begin whether it is a new project, a new idea or just taking action. With her sword, she cuts through to the truth. She is inquisitive; she knows how to ask important questions but lacks perspective due to her young nature. The red sash around her waist symbolizes her passion, the bells ring in the wind, calling her to action; she needs an outlet for her ideas and feelings. The spirals symbolize surrendering to the energies of passion and inspiration. As the spiral moves outwards the pent-up energy is released.

A shadow from the turbulent clouds in the background crosses over the face of the Page. She can be a symbol of incoming conflict. She has the desire to prove herself, which can be a double-edged sword; she may consider herself superior to others because of her lacking experience and wisdom.  She does not yet have the maturity to express herself in a constructive way.

78 Tarot: Page of Swords - Step by Step

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