//Final Weeks at Pratt, Spring 2011

Final Weeks at Pratt, Spring 2011

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This school year have gone by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that I packed my bags in Denmark and travelled the far distance to New York City to attend school at Pratt Institute. It has been a truly wonderful and creative year. The classes have been inspiring and challenging. I have met many wonderful people and great professors and I have produced more artwork than ever before, I think. Although the style is that of studies is it certainly still very worthwhile because it is through these studies that I grow as an artist.

Pratt Students: Aleks Byrd, Elizabeth Daddazio and Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Pratt Students: Aleks Byrd, Elizabeth Daddazio and Kiri Østergaard Leonard, Spring 2011

Our final project is coming to an end. We were to create a booklet with reflections on our foundation year and the work we have produced in Adobe CS5 InDesign, a program I until last weekend was entirely unfamiliar with. I must admit I am liking the program now after having worked with it. It is a nice way to work with book design. In a week or so we will receive the pdf file of the booklet in print as an actual little book.

You can find the pdf of my final project here, and feedback is most welcome:

View 'Final Project: Booklet' PDF

View ‘Final Project: Booklet’ PDF

Maybe in the Fall I will have more luck with scholarships. Fingers crossed. Both my Drawing professor and my Light, Colour and Design professor voted me to be in the top 4 students of my class, which I feel honored about.

Next year I am hoping to transfer into Brooklyn College, I have year to receive the admission decision but I have been told their art program is also very good. I wish I could stay at Pratt but it is unfortunately not a possibility. I will miss it here.

Pratt Institute Campus, Spring 2011

Pratt Institute Campus, Spring 2011

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