Welcome to Kiri Leonard’s


Event Dates: July 30th – Aug 2nd, 2020

Hi there! Welcome to my Gen Con Online art booth.

My name is Kiri Leonard. I’m a full-time artist and illustrator, who hails from the oldest Kingdom in Europe: Denmark.

It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Here are some fun things for you to enjoy at this booth.

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Captivating Art for Marvelous People

Artwork for Sale

Six themed artwork sections.
Different art in each one.

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How is it made?

With a pinch of joy, a dash of wonder and a barrel of patience!

I work on a Wacom Cintiq 27″ HD Touch in Adobe Photoshop. The creation process is my favorite part of being an artist, and I’d love to take you deeper into my process.

discover my painting process
Photo of artist Kiri Leonard drawing on her Wacom Cintiq tablet

Gen Con Online Panel: Working Fantasy Artists (5 part series)

With Artists Naomi VanDoren & Justin Donaldson.

Hosted by Kiri Leonard.

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