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T for Tutorial: How to Draw Feet & Shoes


Jack Hamm (1916–1996)

Jack Hamm (1916–1996)

Today we are going to look at how to draw feet, because feet are an IMPORTANT part of any drawing. Feet grounds your figure, you should always make it a point to draw the feet, when you have a full figure drawing. Avoiding feet because they are difficult is a very bad habit and one your artwork will suffer from.

Please let me introduce you to Jack Hamm, who was a great artist. If you think you are unfamiliar with Jack Hamm’s work I can almost guarantee you that you are not: Jack Hamm worked on cartoon strips such as Bugs Bunny and Buck Rogers. He did a lot more of interesting things in his life too but to keep this short, sweet and to the point I will much rather tell you about his drawing books:

He published the following books:
How to Draw Animals, Perigree Trade, ISBN 0399508023
Drawing the Head and Figure, Perigree Trade, ISBN 0399507914
Cartooning the Head and Figure, Perigree Trade, ISBN 0399508031
First Lessons in Drawing and Painting, Perigree Trade, ISBN 0399514783
Drawing Toward God, Droke House, Library of Congress Catalog: 68-16896

The book of main interest to us here is ‘Drawing the Head and Figure’ – because within this book Jack Hamm cave us the following wonderful tutorial on how to draw the feet:

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Academy of Creature Design on Jack Hamm’s Feet
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