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26 10, 2017

Client Work: When I was a Child / Hulen

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The fort in this piece was the stage of many good childhood memories for myself, my brother and our friend Ry. It began as an old chicken coup. We had adopted a bunch of chickens but the night after they moved in, a fox dug underneath their coop and had itself a massive feast.

25 07, 2017

Client Work: Fastelavn Illustration

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Fastelavn is a Danish holiday, with some similarities to Halloween. In other cultures, it is known as Carnival. The holiday takes place the week before Lent. Children dress up in costumes. There is a game called “Hit the Cat Off the Barrel” – it’s basically a pinata.

3 12, 2016

Sword, Axe, Spear, & Shield

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Sword, Axe, Spear, & Shield is a table-top role-playing game of Viking Age action and drama. Players take on the role of ersatz Norse warriors, exploring historical medieval themes through the lens of an accessible low fantasy setting.