2 06, 2018

Montague Mouse Teaser: Friendship

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A little story and art teaser for my upcoming book Montague Mouse: “You have me and I have you, so we will never be alone. Not truly anyhow. No matter where we go and what will befall us, we will always be friends.” The frog brightened in a smile as Montague spoke, he pulled the little mouse in for a great big hug (...)

23 02, 2017

Montague Mouse Teaser: Fields of Heather

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“In that moment on that day, the sun washed away the darkness from their mind and spirit. In that moment on that day, all that existed was the gentle wind of spring which caressed their faces as they tumbled through the fields of heather, euphoric with the scent of the fair flowers. In that moment on that day, everything was as it should be.” – Montague Mouse.

20 01, 2017

Montague Mouse Teaser: Our Hero

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Brand new illustration and story teaser for Montague Mouse: Marten’s gaze traveled from the owl to the fox, somewhere inside him a glimmer of hope sparked that Fox would volunteer himself but Fox looked away, frustration and pain evident on his features. He always prided himself on being an animal of action (...)