Dungeons & Dragons – A Love Story

Like many other children of the 80s and 90s, I have enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) since my teenage years. My first experience with it was Baldur’s Gate II and I was immediately hooked. D&D opened this fantastical world to me and was one of the reasons I became obsessed with creating art, to begin with. Later on, D&D was the reason I met my husband and throughout the years it has become the base of a lot of artwork between the two of us (my husband is an artist as well).

Last year we made a couple of new friends who shared our love of D&D, so we have started a D&D tabletop group where we play together weekly. It’s become a near-sacred day for us all; it’s the one day we are guaranteed to take off every week, and the only day where it feels like we can truly relax and leave the weight of the world behind for a handful of hours, and just have fun. That’s the heart of D&D for me, having fun with friends and also engaging in some awesome cooperative storytelling.

Our latest game adventure really hooked me on the game again and gave me a massive burst of inspiration, so I began painting portraits of all our characters and I’ve immensely enjoyed it. The characters are as follow:

Yarrow, Elven Albino Druid
Yarrow is a wistful, good-hearted young girl who is in pursuit of an old elven artifact. She has a giant mastiff rescue dog as her companion. She also has it out for Vetis, and does what she can to make his life troublesome.

Vetis, Tiefling Warlock
Vetis is a jovial, roguish, demon-worshipping type, who puts on a social butterfly front but there is darkness brewing beneath. He has a Quasit familiar and his passions in life are power and gold. He’s deeply intrigued by the elven artifacts Yarrow is hunting.

Gren Llast, Human Fighter
Gren is a no-nonsense, vicious retired pirate captain, with no love for anyone (including himself). He has suffered severe trauma and has lost his way.

Locke Galston, Female Human Fighter
Locke is a well-muscled ex-pit fighter/pugilist. She enjoys nothing more than a good fistfight, a rowdy place to hang out and loves to snacks on raw onions as were they apples. She also has a secret crush on Gren.

Illustration of D&D Character Yarrow the Elven Druid
DnD Character: Vetis the Tiefling Warlock
Locke the Legend: Captain Gren Llast, The Seawolf
Female Pugilist Fighter Portrait for my Dungeons and Dragons character Locke.

Find more about this project here: https://lockethelegend.com/

Baldur’s Gate II