//IlluxCon Aftermath

IlluxCon Aftermath

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IlluxCon recently (Sep. 17th to 21st) took place in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I attended the show as per tradition along with my two travel companions Jeff Menges and Iris Compiet. It was a great deal of fun although I unfortunately came down with a cold fairly soon after the show had started. It put a damper on the evening but I still found this convention keeps getting better every year.

Although the show focuses on traditional art I find it’s still worthwhile to attend as an artist working mainly digital because you get to meet wonderful people, make friends and contacts, you can get great feedback on your work and there are always series of very informative lectures lined on that much can be learned from.

My favourite lectures this year were by Patrick Jones, a lecture on moving from digital to traditional art and another on how to run a successful kickstarter by Peter Mohrbacher, one of the two artists behind the weekly One Fantastic Week art show.

Some of my highlights this year in no particular order were:

  • Seeing Chris Seaman’s Hunchback of Notre Dame painting in person.
  • Portfolio review with Paizo Publishing.
  • Portfolio review with Jon Schindehette.
  • Finally got to meet Kat G. Birmelin and Julie Wilmore in person.
  • Crackerbarrel with Jeff Menges and Iris Compiet.
  • Purchased my first original art piece from Chris Seaman and Scott Brundage.
  • Breakfast at the unofficial IlluxCon Diner!
  • Seeing the work of Omar Rayyan in person.
  • Sold a miniature mermaid painting to the lovely Sheila Rayyan.

And for your pleasure here are some photos from the show:


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