//Inspiring Artists: Ramón Gutiérrez

Inspiring Artists: Ramón Gutiérrez

The artist at work.

Ramón Gutiérrez at work by his easel.

Today I want to share with you the beautiful artwork of Ramón Gutiérrez. He is a fine art oil painter and figurative artist from Spain. He studied at the University of Barcelona though his formal training as an artist began at age 15 at the Taller de Quatre Pintors. He has studied under great teachers such as Núria Balcells, Agustí Roca, Jorge Zaldivar, Gloria Muñoz Crespo Ruiz Ortega and Gaul. I want to note that the artwork has been posted here with permission from the artist. I should also mention his paintings are exhibited both in Europe and in the United States.

I recently attended a lecture at the Society of Illustrators in New York City, where Rebecca Guay adviced: “Noticed what takes your breath away. It’s not enough to just make something pretty, you must make it beautiful so notice what takes your breath away in the artwork of artists you admire.” It really struck a chord with me and Ramón Gutiérrez’s artwork is such work to me. It takes my breath away.

I first came cross Ramón Gutiérrez artwork at DeviantArt. I felt enthralled by the vibrant colors and emotional gestures of his figures; Ramón Gutiérrez is a classical painter, an Artist with a big A. A fine artist as its best. I get lost in the beauty of his brushwork. His images are complicated in the bold use of colors yet often simple in their composition. His line work is deliberate and is a wonderful example of why it’s so important to study drawing, but enough of my gushing – here, please see for yourself. I have selected some of my favourite pieces of his:

If you are a collector, I’d note that Ramón Gutiérrez has a selection of his originals available for sale at his Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ramongutierrez

Ramón Gutiérrez on Deviant Art
Ramón Gutiérrez on Facebook Page

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