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Lessons from IlluxCon 5: Part 4 – The Showcase

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The IlluxCon 5 showcase took place Friday evening from 8 pm to midnight.

To those unaware the showcase is your traditional convention display where you ahead of time pay for a table (usually done at the same time that you buy your convention ticket) and then set up a display on your artwork on said table. Either just for self promotion, to gain contacts or with the intention of selling.

Myself and Jeff Menges at the IlluxCon 5 Showcase. Rose Wong photobombed us in the front. My table was next to Jeff’s.

At New York Comic Con I had success with selling quite a few prints, however at IlluxCon the target audience is looking for Traditional artwork, so it’s hardly worthwhile bringing prints. I did bring a small selection though but as expected, I only sold very few. I also brought postcard sets which also only sold very few. At least for more inexperienced artists I will claim that IlluxCon is a fantastic place to make connections, better than Comic Con, but financially – don’t expect to sell much.

The Showcase Table

The showcase tables varied between 2×6 ft and 3×5 ft. When it comes to your showcase display I recommend: Less is more!

I made the mistake of bringing far too many pictures and a crowded table just doesn’t present itself as well as a mores selective display.

Case and point. Look at how professional and inviting Cynthia Sheppard’s Showcase table at IlluxCon 5 looked. Photo by Cynthia Sheppard.

For comparison my own table. Though I think I did a good job of arranging the many different items, it is just a little too busy. Lesson learned.

So to sum up what I learned during the showcase:

  • Don’t go in with the expectation of selling much
  • Traditional original artwork is where it is at.
  • Frame your work.
  • Mat your originals.
  • Display: Less is more
  • Prints: Bring Max. 4-5 different
  • Remember business cards.
  • Bring a table cloth, it just looks better with your own.
  • Banners are not as necessary as at Comic Con.
  • SMILE, have a good time and enjoy!

Jeff Menges’ Skaircrow Graphics
Cynthia Sheppard

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