Here is a new piece I’ve finished for my personal project: Locke the Legend. It’s a D&D inspired story, based on the life and adventures of a female pit fighter named Locke.

Gren crouched down to inspect the remnants of the vicious beast that had attacked their camp in the early hours of the morning, the lightning strike brought down by the cleric had left a gaping hole in its middle, the inexperienced wizard named Robin observed the thing with a look of mild horror.

“Well, she ain’t subtle, but she’s effective.” He gave Robin a look and then glanced back the cleric. She was a cousin to the giant kin, a Goliath known as Rasi. standing over 7 ft tall. An impressive sight to behold. “’Course now every scavenger a stone’s throw from here knows it’s dinner time” He grunted, levering his worn hunting knife against one of the beast’s large horns, he expertly opened the scalp, allowing a trickle of steaming blood to transform white snow to a deep red puddle. Robin looked like he was about to gag.

“Doesn’t matter though, scavengers won’t figure out there’s another predator here until it’s too late and…”
He set about carving. “…our ration problem is solved.”

Somewhere behind him, he overheard Locke boasting:
“Ha! Now I have a scar from a dragon and an abominable yeti!”
“…technically – that wasn’t the yeti, Locke.” Rasi replied with a slight grin.
“Rasi.” Locke voice grew serious as she eyed the Goliath. “It was from the yeti.”
“.. you know, we should hire a bard!” She winked back at the Goliath and started pulling on her winter furs.

– Locke The Legend

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