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Montague Mouse Title

The Project

Are you ready for an adventure? Come along then! This is a story in progress, developed by award-winning Danish illustrator Kiri Østergaard Leonard. Here you will be able to follow the process as it takes shape, and get a glimpse into the grand adventure to come.

The Story

In a final effort to save the dying Moorwood from the toads’ insidious bog rot, the Parliament of animal elders elect incredible Marten, the bravest and quickest of all the animals, to escape their woodland home, on a mission to plant Moorwood’s last three surviving acorns – but what happens when the hero fails? After a long winter, a very little and very hungry mouse named Montague comes upon the abandoned acorns in the dead woodland.

Montague Mouse is an emotional, magical story of dark corners, friendships, perseverance, self-doubt and above all hope.

Warning: This is a tale of misfortune, but even in misfortune fortune can be found.

Montague Mouse: Glowing Acorn
Worn Metal Bar

The Characters

Montague Mouse

Our protagonist and reluctant hero. Montague (Pronunciation:ˈmɑːntəˌɡjuː) is a young mouse, born from a chestnut, who was raised among a loving squirrel family. As such, he has never encountered another mouse. He is smaller than the average forest mouse because of his unusual heritage, and due to his diminutive size and his naturally timid temperament, he struggles with self-doubt.

Montague Mouse and Arthur © Kiri Østergaard Leonard, 2016


Arthur is a happy-go-unlucky frog, who finds a fast friend in Montague. Despite the inability to communicate in a common tongue, the two form an unshakable bond. There is a strangeness to meeting a singular frog where now only toads roam, and perhaps that lack of belonging resonates with Montague and aids in cementing their friendship.

Svea of Skullhollow

Svea of Skullhollow
Svea is a fierce, female mouse, who Montague and Arthur come across in their travels. She is a highly skilled warrior from the Skullhollow Mouse Clan. Unlike Montague, she is extremely confident in herself and her skills, she also has a flair for the dramatic and an attitude to boot. She likes to rely on herself and only herself, because of this she struggles to make friends and has little trust in the abilities of others.

Worn Metal Bar

Story Teasers

Personal Work: Vættekin

Vættekin A term from old Nordic folklore. A or The vætte [vɛdə] is an unspecified creature, that often acts as [...]

Montague Mouse Teaser: Friendship

A little story and art teaser for my upcoming book Montague Mouse: “You have me and I have you, so we will never be alone. Not truly anyhow. No matter where we go and what will befall us, we will always be friends.” The frog brightened in a smile as Montague spoke, he pulled the little mouse in for a great big hug (...)

Montague Mouse Teaser: The Beginning

A little boy, who wouldn’t grow up, once said: “To die would be an awfully big adventure.” And that is how this story began; everything died.

Montague Mouse Teaser: The North Star

“There are witches?” Montague asked as he gave Svea an incredulous look. “Of course there are witches! All the best woods always have witches!” “But don’t witches wish you ill?” “Yes, that’s why they are witches.”

Montague Mouse Teaser: Almost Lost

"Carry on! We aren't fully lost yet!" It sounded from underneath the cat skull. Arthur responded with a ribbiting chuckle which momentarily agitated Montague. He suspected the frog didn't comprehend how serious the situation was, but what did it matter?

Montague Mouse Teaser: Fields of Heather

“In that moment on that day, the sun washed away the darkness from their mind and spirit. In that moment on that day, all that existed was the gentle wind of spring which caressed their faces as they tumbled through the fields of heather, euphoric with the scent of the fair flowers. In that moment on that day, everything was as it should be.” – Montague Mouse.

Montague Mouse Teaser: Our Hero

Brand new illustration and story teaser for Montague Mouse: Marten’s gaze traveled from the owl to the fox, somewhere inside him a glimmer of hope sparked that Fox would volunteer himself but Fox looked away, frustration and pain evident on his features. He always prided himself on being an animal of action (...)

Montague Mouse: The Dead of Winter

(Montague Mouse Teaser) Winter had come as it did every year; draping the woods in a beautiful carpet of snow that induced a quiet, content slumber among the woodland animals.