Month of Fear: Doors

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Kristina Carroll’s Month of Fear is going strong again this year, it seems the artwork produced gets better every year so if you haven’t yet checked out the site I highly recommend that you do. Links can be found below.

The list of challenges this time around is as follows:

  1.  Secrets (Oct 3-7)
  2.   Wicked (Oct 10-14)
  3.   Doors (Oct 17-21)
  4.  Metamorphoses (Oct 24-28)
  5. Darkness (Oct 31) 

I missed out of the first two because we were in the process of moving into a new house, but here is my first entry for the theme of ‘Doors’. I love the subject because doors can be terrifying and magical, both in a literal as well as metaphoric sense they open into different worlds, so the possibilities are endless.

I went with a single weathered door frame covered in an ominous shadow, you do not know whether it is friends or foe who greets you, as so often is when you open a new door.

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