Project Description

Story Teaser: The Veil Between Worlds

Sebastian looked at the three as he planted his blade in the ground. He was a large, strong, and severe mouse, the largest Montague had seen. Only Arthur was taller than Sebastian, but Arthur was a frog so that didn’t really count.

“Have you heard of the veil between the worlds?” His gaze lingered at Svea, who seemed more unimpressed than ever, then moved to Montague. Montague shook his head.

“Then let me enlighten you.”  He gestured to the woven tapestry behind him. “Between the worlds lies the veil. It is a mysterious and barren place, shrouded by fog and mists. Paths to strange places carve their way through the veil, like veins through a body. It is a dangerous place, most who go there never return. Our elders claim it is the home of the stars. If you need to find the North Star, this is where you must go.”

Montague swallowed audibly, “Ca-can’t we just… go up into the sky, the sky looks much… less dangerous.”
Svea snorted a laugh. “Sure Monty, you just go right ahead. Fly up into the sky with those fancy wings o’ yours.”
“I don’t have wings!” Montague bit back.