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Story Snippet

Outside the city gates, was the Hoarse Siren Inn, nestled between the ruins of old walls and a copse of trees. It was abuzz with people that night, and all were in good spirits.

The Inn was a welcoming place; it was a traveler’s Inn where many a tale were exchanged over hearty meals and well-brewed beer. The central structure was a large common room, which was heated by two log fires. One hearth on the north wall and one on the south wall. In between the fireplaces was a sturdy built bar, which on this fine night was manned by Aske Butterbee.


Locke the Legend is a story set in a gritty, dark fantasy setting where dragons are real, and magic is something to be feared.

In the fighting pits of the city of Agos, the boisterous reigning champion – a woman by the name of Locke Galston who fights only with her fists, is offered a hefty sum to throw the fight.

In the crowd, a dwarven bard named Flint Runaheim carefully observes, while a dangerous-looking mercenary places an unreasonably high bet on Locke. She has never once thrown a fight. But, as it stands – she is in grave debt.

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