Project Description

This piece was done for my annual Christmas illustration for 2019. I create a new gnome illustration for the holidays every year, which has turned into an on-going collection of gnome themed pieces.

Gnomes are an essential part of Danish folklore and are especially celebrated around the winter holidays in my home country of Denmark. I have always adored them since childhood, and so I am always excited to create new gnome paintings around the holidays.

Story Snippet

“He preferred the company of the horses and ponies over that of the humans, and this one most of all. It was glorious! A special pony! He hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. In fact, he had never even known ponies to grow horns but there it was.

He had found it with its horn stuck between two pine trees, and what fortunate timing – Now that the eve of Saint Lucy was fast approaching, he knew exactly how he was going to convince Brynna to wed him!

Only, she did seem to like the cat more than the horses. But, surely she’d change her mind once she met this one. Now what to name it?”

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