Please note this is a PRE-ORDER. The item will ship in est. May of 2019.

This project was funded through Kickstarter in Nov-Dec 2018.

Do you believe in imagination? Whimsical, weird, delightful worlds, only limited by our own thoughts. Call it Fantasia, call it Neverland, the Otherworld, the list goes on, my fellow Magical Soul – you know where it is, you have always known. I know you have.

Come with me, let’s begin a wondrous adventure together.

These recently uncovered pages are for the first time ever, yours to explore and with your help, others may explore them as well.

Welcome to The Heretofore Undisclosed Sketchbook of Subject 1984.

This book is a compilation of many, many sketchbooks that I have filled throughout years. It will be a beautiful 6″ x 9″, softcover (hopefully with french fold if the printer allows it), 100+ pages filled with weird, whimsical and quirky drawings and little notes.

A thread runs throughout the pages, tying it all together and once you have hold of it, do not let go because this is only the beginning.