Print: The Sleeping Gnome


A beautifully made print featuring a sleeping gnome, also known as ‘Nissen’ from Scandinavian Folklore.

The Story
It had been a long day, between brushing down the cows and keeping the chickens from eating his hat, Nis was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Tired and cranky he climbed the ladder to the attic. There had been no sign of porridge today, not even a waft! UNACCEPTABLE. May-hap tomorrow… Maren, the finest of the cows, would come down with a terrible cold, or perhaps the chicken pen would be left open for the fox. That would show that ungrateful family to forget his porridge!

As he moved in the darkness towards his bed he suddenly bumped his head and fell right onto his behind. Swearing and cursing under his breath, he stood back up and fumbled his way to the bed. He lit a candle and turned back to see what he had collided with – there is was a brand new bottle of brandy!

The next morning Maren gave, even more, milk than usual.

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Paper Type: Semi-Gloss Canon Paper.

Inks: Printed with archival dye-based inks. These inks provide stunning vivid colors, and are lightfast and fade resistant.

Out of the sun, the print has an album life of up to 300 years, and when displayed in a glass frame on the wall the light fastness is approx. 30 years without fading.

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13" x 19", 8.5" x 11"


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