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“Strength is not given, it is earned.”

– Locke the Legend

Locke the Legend

Locke the Legend is a work in progress, illustrated story set in a gritty, dark fantasy setting. In the fighting pits of the city of Agos, Flint Runaheim, a dwarven bard, and his two companions: The unnerving sorcerer Yvessia and mercenary Gren Llast, first encounter the pit fighter Locke Galston. An uneasy alliance is formed as the four bands together, spurred on by Locke’s need to escape the city unseen after she refused to comply with a rigged fight.

This is a story of surviving against all odds, overcoming loss and hardship, building friendships and the trials and consequences of seeking revenge. The story is developed by husband and wife team: Alexander Leonard (Writer) and Kiri Østergaard Leonard (Illustrator and Writer). It is being adapted from a D&D campaign, into a visual book project.

This story has adult themes and strong language. It is intended for mature readers.


Character Portraits

Story Teasers

Locke the Legend: In the Brig of the Azure Kraken

Water lapped against the side of the warship but otherwise, it was dead silent. They had been locked up in the brig for the better part of a day, after the ship they sought passage on had been boarded.

Locke the Legend: Mark of the Fighter

“Her ribs still felt bruised and her knuckles raw. It had been five days since the last fight, just five days but she already felt the itch for another. Usually, she would go longer between fights to recover, but not this time. She was frustrated and she knew only one way to calm her emotions.

Illustrating D&D Character Portraits

Like many other children of the 80s and 90s, I have enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) since my teenage years. My first experience with it was Baldur’s Gate II and I was immediately hooked. D&D opened this fantastical world to me and was one of the reasons I became obsessed with creating art

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