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29 07, 2017

Patreon Rewards for Artists: What to Do and Not to Do

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I’ve been surfing Patreon, in search of art accounts I’d like to subscribe to there in the coming months and I’ve come across a whole new set of issues. Like I did last time, I included the issue and a possible solution. These are just my opinion, of course, but I hope they’re helpful to some!

23 05, 2017

Artist, are you making these mistakes? Frustrations of an Art Buyer

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I’ve recently started collecting art & I thought I’d share with you some of the challenges I’ve run into in hopes that my experiences will help those of you who sell your personal art. You’ll notice that all of these issues are PRE-BUY. I was trying desperately to buy art for two weeks and kept running into the same issues.

23 05, 2016

Art vs. Artist

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#ArtVsArtist is a new art meme that has taken the internet with storm. The concept is simple: A grid of 9 images, in the center and photo of the artist surrounded by his/her artwork. Some chose to focus it on faces, musing that it is interesting how some artists paint faces that take on their own features.