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19 12, 2017

The Sleeping Christmas Gnome

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It had been a long day, between brushing down the cows and keeping the chickens from eating his hat, Nis was looking forward to a good night's sleep. Tired and cranky he climbed the ladder to the attic.

13 12, 2016

Personal Work: Lucia

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Winter was worse that year; longer, darker and colder than usual. They all craved the return of the light and were barely able to resist the descent into madness, as the nights continued to grow ever longer .

31 10, 2016

A Halloween Love Story

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Halloween is a fantastic, colorful and much beloved holiday in the US, but in Denmark, where I am from, it was not celebrated until recent years. Despite of not growing up with it I really like Halloween, I love the feeling of fall, I love the pumpkins, the colors, the costumes, the funny spooky decor and I love painting Halloween illustrations, though it wasn’t always so

24 10, 2013

Personal Work: The Little Mermaid’s Halloween

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Happy Halloween! The Little Mermaid was always one of my favourite H. C. Andersen tales, it's a tragic story but also beautiful story. The Little mermaid plays into feelings most women can relate to, wanting your body to be something else than it is and not being able to appreciate what you already are.

13 10, 2011

Fairy Pin Up: December

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Merry Christmas! (A little early) Here is my Fairy Pin Up illustration for the month of December. I ended up spending much more time on this than originally intended and I think [...]