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6 03, 2017

Finished Poster Art (Two of Three)

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"Carry on! We aren't fully lost yet!" It sounded from underneath the cat skull. Arthur responded with a ribbiting chuckle which momentarily agitated Montague. He suspected the frog didn't comprehend how serious the situation was, but what did it matter?

23 02, 2017

Finished Poster Art (One of Three)

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“In that moment on that day, the sun washed away the darkness from their mind and spirit. In that moment on that day, all that existed was the gentle wind of spring which caressed their faces as they tumbled through the fields of heather, euphoric with the scent of the fair flowers. In that moment on that day, everything was as it should be.” – Montague Mouse.

14 02, 2017

Montague Mouse: Poster Set – Under Drawings

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When I was a child my grandmother had this painting hanging on her wall which showed a little cottage tucked in between a woodland and snow-clad mountains, with a dirt road winding its way up to the cottage. Partially spurred on by Narnia, I would stare at it and imagine what it would be like to wander up that dirt road and what adventures might lie hidden in the forest. I so wanted to walk into that painting.