//Webinar Tutorial Notes: Corel Painter Brushes

Webinar Tutorial Notes: Corel Painter Brushes

I attended a Webinar with digital portrait artist Heather Michelle, who was giving a run down of the brushes in Corel Painter. I took a bunch of notes and figured they might also be of help to others than myself, so here they are:

General Brush Settings:

Resaturation = Amount of paint loaded onto the brush. If you turn it to 0% the brush functions as a blending tool.

Bleed = If sat to 100% when blending it is completely smooth. If sat to 0% it gives a more chunky blend that drags color across the page.

Feature = Space between bristles. If sat to a high percentage, it is really good for hair. If you turn feature very low, it may cause your PC to lag.

Jitter: Scatters the brush daps.

Specific brushes:

  • Square chalk rush: Pick up on paper texture (Good for blending edges)
  • Grain: When sat to 100% paper texture does not show.
  • Round brushes typically make everything very smooth. (Use these for skin)
  • Flat brushes give a more texture look, like that of a palette knife. (Use these for clothes)
  • Smeary flat oil brush has the look of John Singer Sergent‘s work.
  • Smeary round oil brush is good for skin.
  • Artist’s Impressionist brush: Very good for leaves

To get your final print size, calculate your pixels:

Say you want to print 24×30 inches – then add two 0s to your pixel size = 2400 x 3000 pixels (Size you should work at)

Brush Calibration:

Brush Calibration makes the brush respond better to your hand – Access it here:
Top bar – Windows – Brush Control Panel – Brush Calibration.

Painter and Performance:

Painter can be very taxing on your computer. It requires a really fast processor and about 8 gig of RAM. The processor power is more important than your amount of RAM.

I hope this was helpful to some of you out there, you can see Heather Michelle’s work on the link posted below.

Heather Michelle’s Website

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