Texas Sunset over Watertower

Texas Sunset

Welcome to my art studio, this is where the magic takes place! This is the space in which I spend most of my time. Located in Austin, TX, on the 2nd floor of our house. It’s a fairly small space: est. 5 x 6 meters (est. 15 x 19 ft) with a thick brown carpet, that I eventually hope to turn into hardwood flooring instead.

The most prominent feature of my art studio is the large west window, which allows me plenty of daylight. A feature which I sorely missed when we lived in a small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

Every evening I enjoy the beautiful sunset outside, it is something I didn’t get to see at all for the six years we lived in Brooklyn. With animal wildlife and trees right outside my window, I feel much closer to the natural world that inspires so much of my artwork.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard in her Art Studio

I work from home and am usually up and at it by 8 o’clock every morning. My studio is carefully decorated with knick-knacks and a large number of books that I have collected throughout my time in the US.

I moved here from Denmark in 2010 to pursue a career in art. When I immigrated I had to leave everything I owned behind, except for two carefully packed suitcases of clothes and books.  I’ve like building a little whimsical world around me in the space I create in, it helps to inspire my work and many of the items are tied to memories.

The most important device in my studio is my Wacom Cintiq Tablet on my workstation, this is where I do most of my work. This is my standing desk and PC setup that the Cintiq is connected to. I try to stand most of the time, but I also have a drafting chair so I can sit when I feel the need to. My Cintiq is mounted on an ergonomic stand on a recommendation of my chiropractor. Having an ergonomic workspace is so important for your wellbeing, especially watch out for your back!

Above my computer, I have two sets of cubby holes which are filled with knick-knacks. The Asaro heads and anatomical models are from 3DTotal. My most favourite thing here is the little Coraline doll above the Cintiq.  I simply adore the Coraline story by Neil Gaiman and how Laika Studios brought it to life in the stop motion movie.

My drafting table is a replica of a vintage drafting table that I picked up on Amazon, it’s immensely useful having a big table to work on. Not just for drawing but also for packaging shop orders or laying out projects. Behind it you see my bookcase, I am an avid collector of art books and often look through them for inspiration or ideas. I’m not sure how many books I have, but I’m running out of space on my shelves!

I have attached two metal bins on the side of my drafting table to hold my tools, brushes and pens. I try to keep it organized but they do tend to get a little messy with use.

Within my bookcase are several bell jars with figurines. The most important one is a sculpture, I made, of the main character from my passion project, the Montague Mouse book I am working on.

My reading corner and printer station. I have a Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer which I adore, the print quality is just amazing, and it can print images up to 13” x 19”. When I work I like to do print tests to see what the art looks like off screen, so having a good printer is essential.

I picked up the bright yellow chair at IKEA. I don’t normally go for yellow, but this was so yellow I had to, I might get a matching footrest for it at some point. My cats like to hang out on the halfway, the orange tabby you see in the photo is Mishu.

Kiri Leonard's Art Studio
Kiri Leonard's Art Studio

That is all for now, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my studio. Thank you for reading!