//Why YOUR VOICE is your most important art skill

Why YOUR VOICE is your most important art skill

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I was listening to this interview by Bobby Chiu’s Chiustream today and the importance of it blew my mind a little bit.

Artists need to unplug themselves and listen to their own voices a little bit more. The internet is an extremely wide but shallow ocean. You can get an answer to anything, but the answer is probably not going to be very wise or deep. So, in the end, yes, your voice is all you really have to offer the world anyway, something that is uniquely your own, or else you are a laborer, a worker ant doing a skill which will probably soon be taken away.

Because when you think about artwork, it’s highly flexible and it’s fast to do a simple pencil drawing, you can do it faster than maybe a 3D program – but maybe not for long. You know they’re always working on 3D programs and people are even skipping the step of drawing, they’re doing previews straight in 3D.

So if you are to remain relevant, and you want to do 2D artwork, then yes, who you are as a person and what you know, becomes extremely important. Do you have something to offer, that only you can offer?

– Craig Mullins, Interview by Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu has a wonderful YouTube channel where he conducts interviews with prominent artists, there is so much to learn from their experiences and Bobby is wonderful at conducting interviews. I highly recommend checking it out: ChiuStream

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